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Little Angel Perfume

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product description

Choir Girl

Embark on a fantasy journey with our latest launch in fragrance, inspired by medieval architecture. A small angel sculpture, adorned with a crown and cradling a burning Sacred Heart, elegantly graces the pinnacle of a spherical, temple-like perfume bottle. This visually striking design transports you to a romantic fantasy, seamlessly blending artistry with enchanting fragrance.

Experience an enchanting floral bouquet with top notes of rose, lychee, and freesia. The heart reveals a delightful blend of honey and pear, beautifully balanced by the peony and lily of the valley. The result is a fresh, clear aroma where fruity and floral notes harmonize, ensuring a sophisticated, non-monotonous sweetness without being cloying.

Product ingredients

Choir Girl

Net Wt: 50ML


Application Tips

1. Ensure your skin is clean and dry before applying the fragrance. For optimal results, apply the fragrance immediately after a shower or bath to lock in the scent with the moisture.

2. Target pulse points: Spritz the fragrance onto your wrists, neck, behind the ears, and inner elbows. These areas enhance the longevity of the scent.

3. Reapply as desired: Fragrances generally linger for a few hours. For a subtle and effective renewal of the scent, wait a few hours before indulging in its captivating allure once again.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if my product has a problem?

If you find that our products have quality problems after receiving it, please contact us for compensation within 15 days after the package status shows as delivered. Otherwise we will not provide compensation after the expiration.

For more information, please click HERE.

Is it Vegan?

Yes, Little Angel Perfume is vegan.

Is it cruelty-free?

Flowerknows can promise that we are a cruelty-free brand and that products have not been tested on any animals.

Is it Gluten-free?

Yes, Little Angel Perfume is formulated without Gluten.

Is it Soy-free?

Yes, Little Angel Perfume is formulated without soy.

Little Angel Perfume
Little Angel Perfume

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Just lovely

I love the scent of Choir Girl. It’s very light and clean smelling and it last most of the day. The bottle is so beautiful. It’s the star of my perfume tray now. My grandmother called me her little angel and I know she would have loved this collection.

adorable, very good for spring I guess

smells so light and sweet at the same time, it’s indeed fruity and floral, french and very nice smell!

Lovely scent beautiful packaging

The scent is really fresh light and juicy! It's floral without being soapy or 'old lady'esque it also smells very clean. The spritzer is very nice as well it dispenses the product without dripping or sticking.