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Ethereal White

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🤍 Ethereal White contains the following items:

Must-Have Products

Swan Ballet Liquid Eyeshadow - Rock Ballet

Swan Ballet Shine Lipstick - Midsummer Night

Moonlight Mermaid Lip Gloss - Starlight Bubble

Unicorn Embossed Blush - Snowy Pearl

Accessories & Applicators

Moonlight Mermaid Hand Mirror - Pearl

Swan Ballet Love Blush Brush - White

Chocolate Wonder-Shop Barrette - Milkshake White

Pearl Makeup Bag

Finger Puff


Swan Ballet Gift Box

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if my product has a problem?

If you find that our products have quality problems after receiving it, please contact us for compensation within 15 days after the package status shows as delivered. Otherwise we will not provide compensation after the expiration.

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Ethereal White
Ethereal White