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Swan Ballet

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Series Insights

  • Swan Ballet

    New Fantasy Fairy Tale Series! The pure white swan, the proud black swan, and the dreamy pink swan that exists in the fantasy world. Like colorful ribbons, these swans interweave into a beautiful and unique fantasy, depicting the rich emotional world of girls. It is makeup and elegant ballet skirts for girls. This time, the stage is the ballet theater!

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  • Moonlight Mermaid

    The new fantasy wonderland series in 2023 takes Mermaid, Gemstone, StarMoon, and Castle as the main elements, appearance inspired by Gem Cutting Styles, uses thick-walled acrylic and illusion color plating materials to create the gorgeous gemstone texture making the whole series like treasure left in the deep sea.

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  • Chocolate Wonder-Shop

    Inspired by the British plaid, and the silhouette portrait of a girl with a twist braid is the core design focus of the series, combination of gold lattice, and lace elements of clothing.

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  • Strawberry Rococo

    Inspired by the classic elements and colorways of the 18th century Rococo era. The combination of strawberry dessert and vintage rococo style is interwoven into a new chapter of Flower Knows series.

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